Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Picture's worth A Thousands Words?

I owe this tag from my x-colleague Nurul. So Nurul, terimalah seadanya yer...ehehehhe.
The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people."

I am..

I really want to go..

My favourite place

My favourite things are..

Favourite drinks are..

Ice tea or ice milo ...hmmm suddenly I feel thirsty..ahaks

My favourite foods are


mmMmm...anyone care to share? ihiks

My favourite colors? :-)

I live & born in..

I was born in Perak ..

I attended..



1989-1992 & 1998-2000

My favourite movies are...
I have so many favourite movies ...

I choose these two ...

err...sama pulak dgn Nurul...ehehehe

My hobbies are..

and I definitely wish for..
anybody care to buy for a gift? in my dream..alalalala

This tag goes to ...

~~Abang Long
~Ku Ina

Tolong ignore tag ini kalau anda telah menjawabnya sebelum ini yer...terima kasih (:


lla said...

Wow, sodapnya kek coklat tu . Mai ler kongsi sama dgn sy . Adehhh.. tetiba berkeroncong lak perut ni .

MiSzEniGmA said...

more or less with have something in common :)

Kak Zue said...

Ila-->itula tu...tgk gambo jer dah terasa lapar yer..ahahaha tak boleh tolak kalau kek coklat (:

Kak Zue said...

Nurul-->Yeap..more or less, we have something in common. Ihiks

Abang Long said...

Alahaiiiii .... ahahahaha ...

Tapi kek coklat tu memang nampak sedap ...

BEiB said...

Sapa laaaaa....yg akan belikan cincin tu...

Kak Zue said...

abang Long-->huhuhu kek coklat tetap di hati kut..eheheh.

Kak Zue said...

Beib--> Huhuhu tak tahulah siapa yg sudi belikan cincin cam gitu..kalau tak ada ..zue beli sendiri ler ..ahahaha.


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