Monday, January 12, 2009

Ziarah II

My mom and aunt

Yesterday, after zohor prayer, my mom and I went to UM medical center or formerly known as University Hospital. We went there to visit my auntie who was admitted for pneumonia. I've never been in UMMC for a very long time. I was there once when I was still a student in Jalan Othman PJ. At that time, I was accompanying a sick college mate. We were sent there by college van.

I used to pass by UMMC by mini bus when I was working in SS 19, PJ from 1992-1997. Since then, I hardly go to that area because " tak ada kepentingan" . Anyway, yesterday, I was a kind of disoriented a bit when I saw a traffic light so near to the EPF flyover. In my mind, I still remember that the entrance to UMMC is the 1st traffic light from EPF flyover but somehow I stop there for a few seconds and when I turn to the right, I saw a NO ENTRY signage , then only I realized that the junction is for EXIT and not the EXTRANCE..ahahahah. I quickly look to the rear mirror and I saw this one guy driving a Wira also stop behind of my En. Spectra. I guess this guy also do not realize the changes in UMMC or could be that was his 1st time.

I do not realize that there are multi storey car parks in UMMC...ahahhaha pity me. I drive all the way to the end of Dentistry Faculty and I parked my car there. Hui is quite far from the main building but it is okey. I don't mind paying few ringgit as long as " tak kena saman".

It was Sunday, so the faculty is quite empty except for visitors of UMMC. Hahaha once again I got lost in " Wad bersalin" because I was inform by one of the not so friendly security guard at the building to go to 1st floor, but the 2nd person I asked told me to go to 2nd floor in order to get to the main lobby of the main building. Finally, I asked one of the nurses, and this friendly nurse gave details instruction. After walking about 15 minutes (my mom walks a little bit slower because of her legs condition), finally we reached the 12th floor of main building.

At the ward, I met a cousin and he told me that there is a multi storey car park next to the EXIT and the car park where I parked my car was the 2nd car park which is quite far from the main building. Never mind. We learned from mistakes, right?

I paid the parking ticket there and we safely arrive home around 6.20pm after stopping by at Semenyih to " tapau" our dinner ( huhuhu kes malas masak). One of my phobia is “ takut sesat” but some how I managed to overcome the feeling because I don’t want my mom feels sad. When she received news about her sis in law illness on Saturday, she has asking me to bring her to visit my aunt in UMMC.


en_me said...

ummc tak sampai lagikkks..

Kak Zue said...

Tak mengapa kalau tak sampai ke sanapun. Kalau tak ada keperluan nak buat apa ke sana kan?? eheheh

Anonymous said...

salam kak zue,
Dulu, sy mmg fobia sgt kalau sesat..kaki tgn menggeletar, dh x tau, mane brek, mane, sjk tersesat kt putrajaya last yr, sikit2 dh x takut dh bile sesat..belasah je skrg ni!-Ainil

Kak Zue said...

Ainil-->itula pasal. Walau masih ada rasa takut2 tapi tengok tempat jugaklah nak belasah...ekekke Putrajaya akan belum sampai,sabo jerler..aduhai takut punyer pasal ler ni belum sampai2


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