Friday, June 13, 2008

Jokes of the Day

Thanks to Ila yg share jokes ni dgn kak long . Now I share the jokes with everyone . Senyum yer ...jangan tak senyum pulak. Dapat jugak mengubat hati duka pasal minyak..ihiks.


One day, the tax collector was seen walking around Pak Pandir's village .. As he was walking across the river that encircled the village, he slipped and fell in . Not knowing how to swim, his fate appeared sealed . But the helpful villagers had other ideas . They gathered by the banks of the river in a desperate attempt to save the drowning tax collector .

" Give us your hand, give us your hand," they shouted . But the drowning man did not extend his hand . The villagers were puzzled and were becoming more desperate . One of the villagers noticed Pak Pandir was passing by and ran towards him screaming, " Pak Pandir, the tax collector fell into the water and is drowning . We are trying to save him but he appears reluctant to give us his hand ."

" Let me try," said Pak Pandir . " Sir, sir," he called out to the drowning man, " take my hand." As soon as the unfortunate man heard Pak Pandir calling out to him, he immediately extended his hand and grabbed Pak Pandir's arm . Pak Pandir and the good samaritans from the village were now able to pull the tax collector out of the water .

" Know this," Pak Pandir began, " He is the tax collector who is more used to taking rather than giving."


Tijah wants to break off with her European's boyfriend . So she send him a letter .

Hi, Freddy .

My motive write this letter to give know you something . I want to cut connection us . I saw you play wood three in front my eyes . So, I break connection to pull my body from this love . I have think about this very cook - cook . I know I clap one hand only . I don't trust you again . You are really crocodile land . I don't want you to play - play with my liver . I have been crying until no more eye water . I don't want banana to fruit to times . Safe walk .


*Note: cerita ini hanya lawak semata-mata. Tidak ada kena mengena dgn yang hidup mahupun yang telah meninggal dunia.


Abang Long said...

Oic, your tyre no flower, cannot eat road laa ...

lla said...

Give me ur hand but don't take my hand aaaarrrrrrrrr. After I have only one hand left... Hahahahaha...

Jentayutiara said...

memang ada perbezaan kan kak long... tangan yg memberi lebih baik dr yg menerima!

KZue said...

abang long-->huhuhu tayar makan jalan ke? konfius makcik ..ahahaha

Ila-->don't worry...I will not give my hand or take ur hand. I have enough hand..ahaks.

Ku Ina-->betul tu..memberi lebih baik dari menerima..cerita ni lawak jer...menerima lebih baik dari memberi..eheheh.


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