Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good work!!

The last 3 weeks was one of the busiest days of our life apart from when we were told to move to the new campus 5 years ago...eheheheh. 3 weeks ago, we started shifting the newly classed LCC books from the DDC shelf arrangement to LCC shelf arrangement and we managed to finish the transitions last Friday. My sincere thank you to Hana, Dee, Niza, Ita and Wendy for all the hard work.

Yesterday was supposed "the day" whereby the audit teams from the ministry to visit the campus. Last weekend, I managed to do the last touch up to the shelf that is labeling the shelves with the new classification schedules. Guess what? My niece Dini helped me. She was so excited to read the alphabets on the labels and comparing it to the main schedules done by Ita last Friday.Since only 2 of us working last weekend (Wendy and me), so I could not ask her to help..She has to jaga the counter lorrr...eheheh. Dini wanted to follow me to the 2nd floor where all the shelves located. She said "Dini nak tolong mak long laa "...ehehhe I said,, "okey!, tolong pilih label yang ada tulis huruf2 tu ikut nombor rak ni ok". She said "okey". Wallaa...in less than 20 minutes I managed to stick all the labels.

Yesterday, after waiting and waiting ...finally pakcik guard and the cleaner lady told us, the audit team has just visited the academic block and they have boarded the bus to visit the extension campus ...the NORTH WING campus!! Hah?? What?? They skip block B?? Ahahahha maybe because they have to climb the stair case...tak larat maa !! ehehehhe never mind...at least we managed to speed up the processes because of them and managed to finish the works before the new semester begins next week.

We still have works to be done, but no dateline to catch..So bawak2lah bertenang sikit...ehehhe. Alhamdulillah. Once again, thanks so much to Hana, Dee, Niza, Wendy and Ita. Not forgetting Nurul and Ainil, who have left us but they were also involved in the early process of the migration. Thank you!!


Noushy Syah said...

Well done Kak Long..see you can do it! No dateline means no stress, but keep working:)

Have a nice day Kak Long..keep smiling.

natrah said...

kak long dah selamatttt....saya belum lagi lah kak long..but I guess mmg tak leh lari punya sbb I'm the MR nak lari mana?heheehhehe kang anak buah pun lari jugak...btw, thats good kan dapat jugak buat kerja and settlekan dalam masa yg singkat walaupun tak diaudit...

happy Labour day!

MiSzEniGmA said...


Thanks kak zu for not forgetting us. Congrates to kak zu and the rest of the team. Kadang2 hangen juge, keje dah siap tapi tibe time org yg sepatutnye bt inspection, tak kunjung tiba! Anyway..well done :)

Abang Long said...

Dari darjah 5 hingga ke tingkatan 3 menjadi pustakawan, terasa begitu menyeronokkan. Apatah lagi dikelilingi dengan buku. Puas membaca !

Ainil said...


KZue said...

Noushy--> Thank you.
Nurul--> Terima kasih.
Abang Long--> Kami tak sempat nak membacapun..ehehe. Librarian sekolah ren/men tak sibuk macam kami.
Ainil--> Terima kasih.


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