Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lost and Found

This is one of the conversations yesterday morning. " Kak, I found this hand phone on the sofa". I replied " isk iskk...carelessnyer budak mana ler yang hilang hand phone ni.. Anyway, thanks so much ya! ". He said “no problem and smiled".

Ada beberapa kali dah budak2 jumpa handphone tertinggal mahupun tercicir di library dan beberapa kali itu juga ada yang tuanpunya dapat kembali sebab yang jumpa handphone tu budak baik dan pulangkan pada kami. Ada yang terus tak nampak bayang handphone mereka yang tercicir tu.

Well, how many times you found some valuables gadgets and return it to the owner or you just don't care and decided to keep it and treat it as your own belonging?

Okay, back to the lost and found incident. After about an hour or so, there was one Middle East student approached the counter and asked, “Have you seen my hand phone? I was sitting at the sofa just now and I have lost my hand phone". I asked her few questions. What is the brand of the hand phone and I asked her to call her hand phone. Uiks..I just don’t believe it. She said, she can't remember her mobile number. She just gives the descriptions of the phone and the last 3 digit of her mobile number. At least she can give all the details except the complete phone number.

Not many people is so kind like the students who have found branded hand phones, wallet , calculator or purse and return it to the rightful owner. I remember years ago, when my Abah just passed away, my Mak dropped an envelope full of important documents on her way back from one of government offices and she was so worried. Solat hajat has been done and finally few days after that fateful day, a letter came to our house and in the letter, this Chinese girl informing us that she has found the document and she gave her home address so that we can collect the documents. Well, 25 years ago, we do not own any phone and that’s why mail is the important type of communication we are using at that time. My mother accompanied by one of my cousin went to this girl house and collected the documents. Her family and this girl said, they know that the documents are important documents ( our birth certs, death certs and etc) and they decided to wrote a letter to the address shown on the documents. The young Chinese girl was in secondary school at that time and she do not want to accept a token of appreciation from my mom. She said, “Uncle just passed away, so auntie can keep the mo ney but my mom insisted and she took RM10”. I wish I could thank her personally for her quick thinking and efforts.

Betul betul Semangat 1 Malaysiakan tapi itu 25 tahun lepas!!! Susah nak dapat orang macam gini sekarang ni..bukan tak ada tapi payah nak jumpa.


Abang Long said...

Sifat AMANAH sudah semakin menghilang dalam masyarakat

zue said...

org kata..klu kita jumpa brg org dan ambil nanti brg kita pun akan hilang juga.

Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Kita perlu sentiasa berfikiran bahawa walaupun brg itu mungkin kita lihat tak berharga, tapi pada tuan empunyanya mungkin sangat penting dan bermakna.
Alhamdulillah, ada juga yang masih amanah dan tahu menghargai kepunyaan orang lain.

Kak Zue said...

abang long-->Betul juga kata abang long tu..semakin ramai yg lebih pentingkan diri sendiri.

Kak Zue said...

zue-->mungkin juga ada benarnya kata zue tu..sebab ada perbuatan jahat yang dibalas oleh Allah di dunia ini juga.

Kak Zue said...

Kak long mawar merah-->Betul kata kak long tu...setuju sgt sebab nilai sesuatu barang tu berbeza pada pandangan setiap orang.

en_me said...

pernah gak nampak kunci motor tertinggal kat kerusinya.. uhuhu, salamm akak zue itteww

Kak Zue said...

en_me--> dah nampak kunci tu, pulangkan ke tidak? ehehehe. Salam en_me itu juge


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