Tuesday, January 15, 2008


She’s not feeling well
She’s sick


She has work to be done
She has 2 different group of panel from 2 different accreditation boards to brief and answer
She has complaints to be solved

She has a sore throat

she thinks she has a mild fever but it's okey because
Her voice is sexier (yeah right...ahahahaha)
The clock is ticking


The time to check out from the office is 5pm
She could not wait to have a hot bath and lie down


She knew she will not lie down and rest
She will help mommy to cook dinner
She will help mommy to take care the little ninjas

She is worried but at the same time she is happy with her life
She believes Allah will not give her more challenges than she could handle
She prays and hopes things will get better and problems will be solved



Noushy Syah said...

Patience is the companion of wisdom and a form of action!Insyaallah,God is watching us...

mama ranggie said...

sabar ye kak long...

jgn lupa makan ubat k!

Farah B said...

oh...oh...she has to pause and reflect for a while then. She may even need a little bit of rest! Patience is a virtue!

Zura@Kak Long said...

Eira--> Terima kasih yer. Ubat memang dimakan dan diminum dah :)

Zura@Kak Long said...

Noushy-->Thanks so much. Kak Long sentiasa cuba bersabar.

Zura@Kak Long said...

Farah-->Dah rest dah...makan ubat pun sudah...tunggu nak baik jer lagi yg belum 100%..ehehe virus akan hilang dlm masa 2 minggu , InsyaAllah.


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