Monday, November 03, 2008

Busy but ..

..I am happy. It has been a while since the last update. I was busy during the weekend doing groceries shopping with my mom. On Saturday afternoon I received a phone call and an sms. The call was from my auntie who stays in Seremban and the sms was sent by my cousin Hana who stays in Ulu Langat. Wah!! Surprise! Surprise!

They told me that they wanted to come to my house. Eheheheh ...well right after I hung up the phone, I prepare all the ingredients for “carrot beehoon". There was no veggie in the fridge because I am thinking to buy all the fresh veggie on Sunday. Ihiks..Anyway when I saw the carrot and the chicken meat in the fridge, wallaaa...the “carrot beehoon" popped up in my mind..

Last Saturday was almost like "raya open house"..Eheheheh. I served "kuih raya" tarts and the "tempeyek Ikan Bilis" plus the “carrot beehoon. My auntie came with my uncle. My cousin Hana came with her sons, daughter, mom ( my mother's sister), a brother( came with his 2 sons) and a sister.

Sorry guys, no photos...forgotten to snap at least few photos ...eheheh too busy cooking and chit chatting...ahaks. Hmmm..." rugi “because not many relatives or friends came to my house since my house location is quite “remote" 38km from downtown KL.

Anyway...till next entry, please do take care !!


Tie said...

Oooo...happy rupanya..baguslah..kak tie tumpang happy gak! Camna rasanya bee hoon carrots tu ekk??

Kak Zue said...

thanks kak Tie :-). Tak mo laa raa sedih2 kan? eheh ceriakan dirimu. Rasa bee hoon carrots tu sedap kalau masak sedap...ehehhe ada rasa carrots, rasa lada hitam sikit. Warna putih dan oren karot tu menariklaa kut pada saya..,eheehe


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