Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whatever will be. Will be ...

My life becomes busier than before more complicated. More works, more thinking to be done. I can say that I am growing older and wiser (hopefully) with my workplace. I did mistakes before and I am still learning to manage the department better than before.

The status of the company has been upgraded to a University. Definitely more changes will happen in the near future. Sometimes, I feel I am not ready to take the responsibilities. The workload is getting heavier though. But I have to endure. There were times when I could not tolerate and bear the pressure and I thought that's it, I will leave but I couldn't. I have endured all the hardship, working under pressure, complaints from the users and I simply could not leave and run from the reality.

When I first joined this company about 16 years ago, I did not think that I would be working in a university. Frankly speaking, I joined because I need the work. I need to help my mom to support our family. After graduation, I went back to my hometown and did not stay in KL to explore for jobs opportunities.

Syukur, alhamdulillah, my mentor, Puan Norma (now, Prof. Norma) called my neighbor and leave a message for me to call her. Few days after that, I arrived in KL and stayed with my late cousin Edah. She accompanied me to attend the interview in section 19 PJ. We took mini bus no. 12 and a week after that, I received a call asking me to report for work.

The changes are for good. In 1992,there were only few staff ni the company, less than 30 but now, more than 200 staff. We were close with each other at that time. We even can memorize the students ID card( for regular user). I have cried before, many times but Allah gives me the strength to carry on and I hope I will continue to have the strength and courage to overcome whatever obstacles and turbulence that might show up.

Whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see. Only Allah knows the best and I hope I'm able to make better decisions now and in the future. The commitments and dedications from all of us will make this department as a better place. InsyaAllah.

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